Top Reasons

1. Easy. Powerful. Flexible.


All the the tools you need to create effective engagement with your stakeholders. They appreciate being Consulted, not just surveyed!


2. No software to install.


There are no long-term commitments or hidden charges when you use eNgageSpace. You can sign up as a monthly customer and use our services for as long as you need.


3. Security.


Independently audited by security specialists to make sure that your account and your data are safe and backed up daily.


4. Proven.


Large and small companies and organisations use eNgageSpace to engage with their stakeholders all year round.
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Everything you need in ePetitions - FREE. Yes, it's FreePetitions!

In just a few days you will have a superb and fully supported e-Petitions application, branded on your website. Try it now - click here!


Easy to use


Citizens can search, view and sign online e-Petitions. They can view Current, Closed and read information about Rejected e-Petitions. Petitioners have clear information on how to use the software. Descriptive content can be personalised as required. The Council Response is also published alongside each e-Petition to help build Trust in the process.


Secure, simple, successful and .... strengthening democracy


Best practice requires all contributors to provide a valid email and post code. The system validates the information provided, preventing any enthusiasm (fraud!) in relation to the numbers of signatures.


Of course we follow best practice with work flows:


The Principal Petitioner i.e. any democraticall-yminded citizen will find it straightforward to register and create an e-Petition.


A Facility Manager is automatically notified of a new ePetition and asked to assign the e-Petition to the Responding Officer. The reviewed e-Petition can then be rejected, returned to the principal petitioner for modification or approved for publication.


Management information and reports


All are available to the Facility Manager, Responding Officers etc so they can review council petitions and take any further actions required.


We meet WAI-AAA accessibility standards.