Top Reasons

1. Easy. Powerful. Flexible.


All the the tools you need to create effective engagement with your stakeholders. They appreciate being Consulted, not just surveyed!


2. No software to install.


There are no long-term commitments or hidden charges when you use eNgageSpace. You can sign up as a monthly customer and use our services for as long as you need.


3. Security.


Independently audited by security specialists to make sure that your account and your data are safe and backed up daily.


4. Proven.


Large and small companies and organisations use eNgageSpace to engage with their stakeholders all year round.
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Some eNgageSpace FAQ’s ....

What is eNgageSpace?

It’s a hearing aid! A powerful way for you to listen to and learn from your stakeholders. It’s unique because it brings together the tools and processes you need to do that easily and often.

You could think of it as a set of problem-solving processes (appropriate content, registration and profiling, surveys, analysis, discussion forums, ideas and innovation management , participant communication).

Have you a more formal definition?


It’s a comprehensive and unified online participation and consultation management system that can be used for a wide range of online consultation, customer conversations and stakeholder engagement activities – from planning through to analysis and presentation. It increases participation and decreases costs. It’s proven and gets great results and helps you make better decisions and create wiser policies!

How’s that?

Who's it for?

eNgageSpace is for any organisation which values listening to its stakeholders and customers and which knows that interactive and deliberative consultation and engagement requires practical management. It’s for Learning Organisations!

Can I use it in Procurement?

It is very useful in matters of Procurement. Best procurement comes when it is preceded by Consultation with all stakeholders, so that what is procured provides the most utility and benefit to the greatest number. eNgageSpace adds a new dimension to buying decisions.

Why’s is eNgageSpace so special?

Because all the tools you need for meaningful engagement are in one place – joined-up and under your command! Because of that fact you save so much time and do so much more. Also, participants realise very quickly that you are taking them seriously and treating them courteously and that their contributions are welcome and valued. That is how you build trust and that is one reason you get better results every time you use it.

Can you help me get results?

Of course we can. Our tools are about enabling good communication and we will help you take full advantage of them. We will guide you towards success! Not only will we help but our User and friends’ Community, too!

Can I customise eNgageSpace?

Yes, you can change how it looks, what it says, you decide what tools to deploy and when. Each activity/consultation is like a mini interactive website – all under your control. eNgageSpace empowers you and your participants.

Is it accessible and secure?

Yes, to W3C AA. It’s very secure after going through tough independent security inspections. With clients like the General Medical Council, security is paramount.

What about support and maintenance?

We support you 100% . Help desk, upgrades, technical support, online training.

How is it hosted? Can I host it myself?

99% of our clients like to have us host and support eNgageSpace for them, as it makes their lives easier and costs less. However, if you wanted to host it yourself that can be done.

How many users can I have?

Unlimited participants.

You can have as many Admin Co-ordinators /Internal Contacts and Consultation Managers as you want.

How many consultations can I create and manage?

As many as you like. Not just formal “Consultations”. Think conversations and short, sharp and penetrating research! All at your fingertips!

Can I export my data?

Yes, you have complete control and can export all of the data in the system should you wish to do so. We have a great Business Information tool, to help you slice and dice!

Can I integrate it into my site?

In terms of your look and feel, making eNgageSpace look like a part of your existing site is straightforward. In fact if you use our “widget” – a link on your page, then you have instant, branded interactivity. You become a listening organisation overnight!

How long does it take to set up?

It is Software as a Service; so creating all the functionality you need takes a few minutes; you then have some set-up to do, personalising content, E-mail responders etc, but that takes an hour or so. It’s all Wizard driven and a complete joy!