Top Reasons

1. Easy. Powerful. Flexible.


All the the tools you need to create effective engagement with your stakeholders. They appreciate being Consulted, not just surveyed!


2. No software to install.


There are no long-term commitments or hidden charges when you use eNgageSpace. You can sign up as a monthly customer and use our services for as long as you need.


3. Security.


Independently audited by security specialists to make sure that your account and your data are safe and backed up daily.


4. Proven.


Large and small companies and organisations use eNgageSpace to engage with their stakeholders all year round.
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Actually, there's no competition between the two. It's a matter of degree, not substance. Asking questions is necessary. But context is all important, especially where you believe building a relationship is relevant to intelligent response.

But here's the real question:

How to become more effective, more consistent and more organised, especially when engaging with multiple stakeholders over a period of time, in numerous stages?


Remember your challenge is not to create a survey.


Surveys are a response mechanism; they are not the problem-solving process itself.

Your challenge is to get informed, meaningful results from participants who trust your sincerity and intentions. And who believe that investing their time in helping you will be appreciated, acknowledged and be worthwhile.


Consultation is better


Here's a clear definition of consultation:

Consultation is a dynamic process of interaction between individuals or groups, characterised by a desire to genuinely share information, with the objective of enabling participants to influence decisions related to products, policy, plans or programmes of action.

So, Consultation uses surveys (and Forums too) because questions need to be asked. But it also does much more and is more appropriate when deliberation is sought, so that policy or plans can be evidence-led and come from informed participants.

The good news is that eNgageSpace empowers you to do both - extremely well!

But also see this link because neither surveys nor consultation exists in a vacuum. Management is required.

Top Benefits


1 Rapid Response at lower cost
Do your research today! Your Panel is there - waiting and willing! Create, explain, consult - FAST! Ask for views, establish consensus, create an iterative dialogue. Get the evidence. Improve ideas.



2 Increase Engagement
Your customers and stakeholders are your brand. Empower them; make them part of the process, not just a "sample". Involve them in conversations, plans and possibilities. Listen and then listen some more!




3 Organisation-wide research
Every department has stakeholders, everyone can use an ePanel. The voice of the customer and stakeholder will come over loud 'n' clear! In fact eNgageSpace is a complete customer, employee, stakeholder consultation system, a research and analysis tool, a product development test system, whatever you need it to do!