Top Reasons

1. Easy. Powerful. Flexible.


All the the tools you need to create effective engagement with your stakeholders. They appreciate being Consulted, not just surveyed!


2. No software to install.


There are no long-term commitments or hidden charges when you use eNgageSpace. You can sign up as a monthly customer and use our services for as long as you need.


3. Security.


Independently audited by security specialists to make sure that your account and your data are safe and backed up daily.


4. Proven.


Large and small companies and organisations use eNgageSpace to engage with their stakeholders all year round.
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Is using eNgageSpace like going fishing?

You've heard the story about the difference between getting a fish and learning to fish? With eNgageSpace we're not giving you a fish. That's what ordinary online survey tools do. You use the survey. Consume it. It's over.


eNgageSpace is teaching you to fish. It's feeding your organisation for life, not for a day.


Smart and strategically aware organizations know that it is vital to continuously listen to, and learn from their stakeholders - customers, employees, shareholders, suppliers, citizens - as a necessary process of improvement. That's exactly what eNgageSpace enables.


Read Steve Shaffelburg. His audience may differ from yours, but the principles are exactly the same...


"Engaging with patients and public is becoming increasingly important to delivering world class health care in England. We quickly realised that business as usual -- focus groups, face-to-face meetings, town hall meetings etc was no longer enough.


By augmenting our traditional engagement methods with our eNgageSpace ePanel, our capacity and efficiency has increased at relatively minimal expense. Our ePanel allows us to integrate and manage multiple consultations on multiple issues. Our response rates have been great and the analysis simple. It's made our lives a whole lot easier and our work a whole lot more effective."


Steve Shaffelburg
Public Health Development Manager
NHS Kensington & Chelsea, London


Do you have responsibility in these areas? If so, eNgageSpace will be of immense value.


Stakeholder Consultation
Policy Development
Strategy Development
Change Management
Market Research
Customer Experience
Responses to external consultation
Corporate Social Responsibility
Human Resources
Employee Consultation
Supply Chain Relationships
Sales and Business Development
Product Development