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St Agnes Cycle Village Pilot (EDG0710) (Region West)
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Start:Sep 30, 2016
End:Oct 20, 2016
Results Published:Nov 13, 2017  
Subject: Roads transport and parking
Consultation Reference Number :1658
Scheme Reference Number:EDG0710

Consultation Summary

CORMAC Solutions Ltd on behalf of Cornwall Council is proposing to install cycle stands and gateway features in St Agnes and its surrounding area. A number of potential locations have consequently been identified for implementation (see drawings EDG0710-SN01 to -SN26 for details).


On behalf of Cornwall Council, CORMAC Solutions Ltd has been commissioned to introduce cycle parking facilities and gateway features at various locations in and around the village of St Agnes.  This follows previous investigations to promote St Agnes as a cycle friendly environment, thereby encouraging more sustainable modes of travel.

Scheme Objectives

This is a pilot scheme which aims to promote St Agnes as a cycle friendly village where people may be encouraged to cycle or walk as an alternative to using a car to make short journeys within and around the village centre and wider area.  Key to achieving these targets is the provision of safe, secure cycle parking facilities at convenient locations throughout the village.


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