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Tolvaddon, Gas Lane; Waiting Restrictions (EDG1636)
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Start:Jan 31, 2019
End:Jul 6, 2019
Results Published:Aug 31, 2019  
Subject: Roads transport and parking
Consultation Reference Number :1835
Scheme Reference Number:EDG1636

Consultation Summary

Following discussions with the Local Member, Cormac Ltd on behalf of Cornwall Council has agreed to introduce a ‘No waiting at any time’ restriction on Gas Lane from its junction with Tolvaddon Road for the entire length of the adopted highway and around the corner leading to the Trevenson Gateway development, on a trial basis to gauge the effects.


Concerns have been raised regarding obstructive parking along Gas Lane, Tolvaddon, near the new Tolvaddon Gateway development, which includes KFC and Costa Coffee. Since opening there have been numerous reports of parked vehicles (including HGVs) which restrict the free flow of traffic. This has resulted in drivers regularly coming face to face with oncoming traffic on the wrong side of the road as they attempt to pass the parked vehicles. It has also been reported that inconsiderate parking causes obstruction and visibility issues around the junction with Tolvaddon Road, which is frustrating to drivers when entering or leaving the junction. Therefore, no waiting at any time (double yellow lines) will be implemented here to help to alleviate the situation.

Scheme Objectives

Double yellow lines on Gas Lane and in the vicinity of this junction will prevent inconsiderate parking, will improve visibility and eliminate obstruction. As a result of these changes, danger will be avoided to persons or other traffic and they will facilitate the passage of vehicular traffic using the roads to which the order relates.


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