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South Kerrier: Restrictions on Waiting and Speed Limits. EDG1462
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Start:Apr 18, 2019
End:May 10, 2019
Results Published:Jul 31, 2019  
Subject: Roads transport and parking
Consultation Reference Number :1848
Scheme Reference Number:EDG1462

Consultation Summary

Cormac Solutions on behalf of Cornwall Council is inviting comments on proposals to introduce waiting restrictions and speed limits along various streets in South Kerrier


A number of TRO requests across the Community Network Area have been nominated by town and parish councils with local member and Network Manager support

Scheme Objectives

Objectives that this scheme is trying to achieve are; suporting community safety and individual well being. Respect and enhance the environment and improve road safety. The PC would like this scheme implemented to create a safer environment for all road users


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Consultation Method: email, post
Department: Communities

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Helen Scott-Daniels
Phone: 01209 614499


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