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Kestle Mill, A3058, Safer Routes Scheme 3 (EDG1553) (Region Central)
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Start:Oct 20, 2021
End:Nov 10, 2021
Results Published:Jan 31, 2022  
Subject: Roads transport and parking
Consultation Reference Number :2013
Scheme Reference Number:EDG1553

Consultation Summary

Cormac Solutions Ltd. on behalf of Cornwall Council is inviting comments on a proposal to implement various road safety measures throughout the length of the A3058 between Quintrell Downs and Summercourt.


Cornwall Council secured funding for these proposals as part of the Department for Transport's International Road Assessment Programme.

Scheme Objectives

The route is separated into nine individual schemes as follows:

Scheme 1 - Quintrell Downs
Scheme 2 - Quintrell Downs to Trethiggey Holiday Park
Scheme 3 - Kestle Mill
Scheme 4 - Kestle Mill to Dairyland
Scheme 5 - Dairyland
Scheme 6 - A3058/A3076 Junction to A3058/U6092 Junction
Scheme 7 - Carvynick Holiday Park to Summercourt Crossroads
Scheme 8 - Summercourt Crossroads
Scheme 9 - St Austell Street, Summercourt

The proposals for Scheme 2 - Quintrell Downs to Trethiggey Holiday Park are as follows:

Realignment of existing footways
Installation of pedestrian refuge
Widening of carriageway to accommodate right turn lane
Installation of two right turn lanes
Additional lighting columns and upgrade to existing lanterns


Further Details:

Consultation Method: email, post
Department: Communities

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CORMAC Solutions Ltd.
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