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2020 Public Space Protection Order Dog Control
Closed Closed
Start: Jun 3, 2020 End: Aug 9, 2020 Results Published: Oct 5, 2020 
Subject: Environment, Health and wellbeing, Consultation Reference Number: 2852

Activity Summary

We recognise the significant and positive public health, social and economic benefits of dog ownership within our community.
Whilst the majority of dog owners are responsible, there is unfortunately an irresponsible minority who either do not pick up after their dog - or allow their dogs to run out of control. 


Having reviewed the community impact of Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) associated with dog fouling and control, we are considering the introduction of new measures to address this ASB.  These measures could be introduced by the implementation of a Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) - as provided for by the Anti-Social Behaviour Crime and Policing Act 2014.

Activity Purpose

The measures being examined in this consultation could lead to certain restrictions and obligations to being introduced to help correct the ASB associated with irresponsible dog ownership.
The consultation is seeking to gain a view on general district wide measures and also on specific locations where there is some evidence of need.  This includes areas of land in private ownership such as beaches.  A private landowner would be able to exercise discretion on how they wished the PSPO to be enforced through a request to our Environmental Protection Team and clear signage would then be put in place for the public.
We want to look closely at the need for any controls and the proportionality of any measures.  We welcome suggestions for non-regulatory approaches which will be equally or more effective - and we wish to pursue the least restrictive approach in dealing with this issue.  
We have identified six areas where there may be sufficient evidence of need for a PSPO.
The consultation has, therefore, been divided into six parts:
  • Part A - Dog Fouling
  • Part B - Dog Control
  • Part C - Sports Pitches
  • Part D - Tarka Trail
  • Part E -  Braunton Burrows
  • Part F -  High Tide Roosting Sites
You are invited to complete either all questions, or just those which you believe are relevant to you. 

Contact Information:

Email: consultation@northdevon.gov.uk
Phone: 01271 388253