SEN Transport Post 16 - Parent/Carer/Community Consultation
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Start: Feb 2, 2015 End: Mar 30, 2015 Results Published: May 29, 2015 
Subject: Children & Young People, Education & Learning, Consultation Reference Number: 854

Consultation Summary

Please read the "Background Information" document and the Cabinet report which are in the document section above before completing the questionnaire.  The Cabinet report can also be accessed at



The Council is working closely with a range of stakeholders on delivering the Government’s Special Educational Needs and/or disability (SEND) reform and one of the key themes coming out of that work from young people is the need to promote and encourage independence as they move into adulthood. We believe one of the key ways of doing this is to support young people with special educational needs or disability to use public transport.  The Local Authority also needs to review its policies and practices from time to time and linking these two things together we are consulting on changes to the Council’s Transport policy for  Post 16 students with a view to promoting independent travel for young people with SEND who attend Further Education schools and colleges.

The Council wants to change how it supports young people with Special Education Needs in getting to post 16 education settings. The Council wants to support young people and their parents and carers, to help them be independent and lead fulfilling lives.

To help us do this we would ask you to fill in this questionnaire so that we can  take your views into account when determining the new policy, and in considering ways to help support young people with special education needs or disability to use public transport.

Consultation Purpose

This questionnaire is to ask you about what you know about how young people with Special Educational Needs travel to and from school, 6th Form or college, and how they travel when not at school or college. 

Over recent months many young people, schools, 6th Forms and Colleges have been involved with the planned changes associated with the Special Education Need, and work on “Preparation for Adulthood”. The Council wants to continue this conversation in respect of developing independence skills for young people associated with travel and increasing opportunity to enter the workplace, further education and enjoy friendships

Pupils who currently receive discretionary post 16 transport assistance would continue to receive this support until they reach the end of their education or transfer to another 6th form or college.

All Residents, Children, Parent, Carers and Guardians, People with disabilities, People with learning difficulties, Young People

Further Details:

Consultation Method: Online Survey
Department: Children's Services

Contact Information:

Mike McSorley
Phone: 0151 934 3428