Have Your Say on the Community Equipment Service
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Start: Aug 21, 2017 End: Nov 3, 2017 Results Published: Jan 31, 2018 
Subject: Health - General, Residents, Social Care, Consultation Reference Number: 935

Consultation Summary

We need to think about how we can do things differently to ensure we help people who need equipment and importantly to provide this at the point at which it is needed.


 Last year (2016) we delivered around 43,000 items of equipment. Some of those items were large and expensive some were very small and relatively inexpensive. Few people collect at the store or take away equipment as they leave hospital. 

Consultation Purpose

The aim of this consultation is to find out from you your views of the Community Equipment Service and what you think of the idea of the option of some smaller items of equipment being able to be collected by the customer. 

The consultation period will start on 21st August until 13th October.

The information you give us is private and confidential and we will follow the law including the Data Protection Act 1998. 


The information will be destroyed after it is not needed any more.

We will publish the results of the consultation on the Sefton Council Website including a summary of questions/comments received and any responses given.  If you would like to receive a copy please email yourseftonyoursay@sefton.gov.uk or telephone  0151 934 4900.


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