Sefton Council Draft Equality & Diversity Policy
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Start: Feb 27, 2018 End: Jun 29, 2018 Results Published: Aug 31, 2018 
Subject: General Interest, Consultation Reference Number: 953

Consultation Summary

The draft Equality and Diversity Policy is attached as a document to this consultation in the Document Folder.
The Equality Act 2010 requires public bodies to publish information demonstrating their compliance with the equality duty (s.149 of the Act).  The Council is required to publish one or more specific and measurable equality objectives.


We acknowledge our role and responsibilities as an organisation including providing clear leadership. We commit to ensuring that our internal processes and ways of working promote equality and ensure that no one is disadvantaged by how we operate as an organisation. We also acknowledge our role in shaping and influencing the area and the culture of the communities in Sefton, and we are committed to ensuring that principles of equality and diversity are embedded.

Consultation Purpose

Our policies and procedures are intended to promote fairness for all and reinforce our commitment to tackling inequalities wherever they exist and to prevent the unacceptable treatment of any person. The aims of this consultation are to advise people of the Equality and Diversity Policy and to seek comments on the draft document.

Contact Information:

Paul McCann
Phone: 0151 934 3202