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On-Street Charging Proposals in Newbury
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Start: Jan 21, 2013 End: Mar 1, 2013 Results Published: Jul 3, 2013 
Subject: Business, General Interest, Transport, Consultation Reference Number: 643


This consultation seeks to understand the likely impact of charging for parking on certain streets in Newbury and how the impact of this can be mitigated. If introduced the charges would apply every day between 8.00 am and 6.00 pm including bank holidays. Parking would be free at all other times and on Sunday there would be a single daily charge of £1.00.


The Council is considering the introduction of on-street charging in a number of streets in Newbury. Charging for on-street parking and limiting the periods of parking in the central area of Newbury would encourage a turn-over of the available parking spaces, which could assist local traders. Making best use of available road space in all areas where charging is proposed has road safety and traffic management benefits and discouraging all day commuter parking prevents road space being sterilised and gives visitors more choice.

As well as these benefits, charging to park on-street helps us to achieve our overall savings proposals and raises much needed revenue that will help the Council to maintain important front line services. We would effectively be raising income by making best use of available road space. Details of the streets that we are considering and the charges we propose to levy can be found in the Documents Tab. To help mitigate the impact on local traders it is proposed to allow free parking for the first 30 minutes in the streets in the central area of Newbury where there is reliance on passing trade.

On-street charging is not new to West Berkshire because we already have long established schemes with parking meters in High Street Hungerford and in Station Road Newbury and many towns throughout the Country now have similar schemes. The proposal to introduce on-street charges in the roads within a short walking distance of Newbury Station is a natural extension to the Station Road scheme.

There would be no impact on blue badge holders providing the parked vehicle is displaying a valid blue badge because they would still be able to park free of charge. The proposal to introduce on-street charging is only in areas where there is no or limited residential parking.

Details of the streets that we are considering and the charges we propose to levy can be found by clicking on the 'Documents' tab. 


A detailed review of all of the responses received to this informal consultation has now been concluded. the Council has taken note of the comments received and proposed a number of amendments to the scheme originally proposed.

the full details of the review and the results of the informal consultation can now be found in the results tab. The documentation includes a report and two appendices. Appendix a contains a summary of the results to the consultation and appendix b is a table of the details of the amended scheme.

the amended scheme will now be taken forward to the formal statutory advertisement and consultation stage. Any representations received during this stage will be TAKEN INTO ACCOUNT IN THE DECISION MAKING PROCESS. 

Purpose - or why are we consulting on this?

This is an important exercise and before making any firm decisions on these proposals it is crucial that we understand the impact on different groups of our communities or users of the service. We will be contacting businesses in Newbury and those with frontages on roads in question to understand the likely impacts of these proposals, to explore any possible alternatives, and how we might work to mitigate them. We are keen to hear your views to make sure we fully understand the impacts on you of the difficult decisions we are having to take. If you have any comments to make on these proposals, please write to Mark Cole at the email address below.

Businesses, Councillors MPs, General public, Residents, Road users

Further Details:

Consultation Method: Information Leaflet
Department: Highways and Transport

Contact Information:

Mark Cole
Traffic Services Manager
Email: mcole@westberks.gov.uk
Phone: 01635 519210